3 ways to accommodate the hose

Yesterday I was in the laundry room and I heard something move, I went to check and it was the hose that shot out towards me. I assumed that someone had put it wrong and believe it or not that made me bad … spend my afternoon accommodating the hose? Naah!

Therefore, I found three easy ways to accommodate the hose and I want to share them with you:

Garden Roll: There are garden reels that are for very long hoses like best expandable hose, the hose is wound around the reel and has a handle on the side that will help make it easier to use. There are some that have a wheel so that when you use it, it unrolls itself, while others are fixed but they are very practical.

Tube supports:

These can be made of two materials: plastic or metal.

They adhere to the part of the house or the fence and the hose is wound around the main structure.

They can also be placed around your garden and place hidden your hose stopping it with the support.


Decorative animals: This idea is my favorite! You can buy a container decorated with animals and place the hose there, there are many types like turtles, frogs, rabbits … you just have to keep in mind that you can not keep many meters of hose there.

These tips will make your hose last longer because it prevents it from breaking or bending, besides this way it will be much easier to water the plants.